Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Correct Method to Damp Mop a Floor

Supplies & Equipment

  • Dust Mop Outfit
  • Double Bucket Mop system filled with COLD water.

  • Medium industrial loop mop or similar size
  • Wet floor signs
  • Neutral cleaner; Blue Lightning /  Green Magic
  • Putty knife or similar tool


Prepare the area

Setup the Double Bucket by filling one bucket with COLD water and the appropriate amount of detergent.

  • Place the mop wringer on the empty bucket (this is where the soil is deposited)
  • Place "Wet floor signs" at easy-to-see locations near the entrances into the area being cleaned
  • Use a putty knife to remove gum and other foreign matter.
Use the dust mop outfit to remove dust and surface soil.
Set equipment in area where work will begin. When mopping a room, start at the farthest corner and work backward toward the door. Keep the double bucket outfit on the un-mopped portion of the floor where it cannot be tripped over.
Immerse mophead into detergent bucket and wring out lightly by placing the mop into the wringer and pressing down, removing excess water. After mopping a sufficient amount of floor space, place the soiled mop into the wringer and wring out the soiled mop. Then place the mop into the bucket containing the detergent solution and repeat the above steps.
When mopping a hallway, first mop the floor along the edge of the baseboard. The mophead should just touch the baseboard while mopping that portion of the floor.

When mopping a room, place the mophead along the perimeter wall and proceed to mop the floor, dragging the mop in the direction of the baseboard.

Mop the open floor area by moving the mop side to side in a figure eight motion. Overlap each stroke as you move back.

Frequently flip the mophead as you work. This helps eliminate the re-depositing of soil from the mop.

Clean your equipment.
Store equipment and supplies

Key Points
When damp mopping, remember;

  • Always use COLD water, never HOT.
  • Keep your back straight. Do not twist your spine.
  • Bend at the knees, not your back.
  • Use your arm muscles to move the mop in a figure eight pattern.

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